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GFSAFE010 - Groundfish Economic SAFE: Share of groundfish ex-vessel value by Alaska-owned and non-Alaska vessels

The Economic Status Report for Groundfish Fisheries of the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands (Groundfish Economic SAFE) is produced annually by NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Fisheries Science Center to summarize available economic data about federal groundfish fisheries in the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) and the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands (BSAI). The GFSAFE series of reports presents selected statistics from the Groundfish Economic SAFE describing various aspects of the economic performance of the fisheries, including total and retained catch; bycatch; ex-vessel and first-wholesale production, price, and value; and effort.

Reports Region


FMP AreaSpecies GroupYearShare of Ex-Vessel Value - Alaska-Owned VesselsShare of Ex-Vessel Value - Non-Alaska Vessels
All AlaskaAll Groundfish20140.250.75
All AlaskaAll Groundfish20150.260.74
All AlaskaAll Groundfish20160.260.74
All AlaskaAll Groundfish20170.270.73
All AlaskaAll Groundfish20180.240.76
All AlaskaAll Groundfish20190.230.77
All AlaskaAtka Mackerel2014-8,888.001.00
All AlaskaAtka Mackerel2015-8,888.001.00
All AlaskaAtka Mackerel2016-8,888.000.99
All AlaskaAtka Mackerel20170.240.76
All AlaskaAtka Mackerel20180.220.78
All AlaskaAtka Mackerel20190.240.76
All AlaskaFlatfish20140.120.88
All AlaskaFlatfish20150.140.86
All AlaskaFlatfish20160.130.87
All AlaskaFlatfish20170.160.84
All AlaskaFlatfish20180.190.81
All AlaskaFlatfish20190.210.79
All AlaskaPacific Cod20140.350.65
All AlaskaPacific Cod20150.390.61
All AlaskaPacific Cod20160.360.64
All AlaskaPacific Cod20170.340.66
All AlaskaPacific Cod20180.280.72
All AlaskaPacific Cod20190.310.69
All AlaskaPollock20140.200.80
All AlaskaPollock20150.200.80
All AlaskaPollock20160.200.80
All AlaskaPollock20170.170.83
All AlaskaPollock20180.170.83
All AlaskaPollock20190.150.85
All AlaskaRockfish20140.130.87
All AlaskaRockfish20150.130.87
All AlaskaRockfish20160.140.86
All AlaskaRockfish20170.290.71
All AlaskaRockfish20180.290.71
All AlaskaRockfish20190.290.71
All AlaskaSablefish20140.540.46
All AlaskaSablefish20150.550.45
All AlaskaSablefish20160.580.42
All AlaskaSablefish20170.590.41
All AlaskaSablefish20180.610.39
All AlaskaSablefish20190.600.40
Bering Sea and Aleutian IslandsAll Groundfish20140.170.83
Bering Sea and Aleutian IslandsAll Groundfish20150.170.83
Bering Sea and Aleutian IslandsAll Groundfish20160.180.82
Bering Sea and Aleutian IslandsAll Groundfish20170.180.82
Bering Sea and Aleutian IslandsAll Groundfish20180.170.83
Bering Sea and Aleutian IslandsAll Groundfish20190.170.83
Bering Sea and Aleutian IslandsAtka Mackerel2014-8,888.001.00
Bering Sea and Aleutian IslandsAtka Mackerel2015-8,888.001.00
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