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IFQ021 - Combined Sector Salmon Bycatch ESA Report

Shoreside and at-sea landings of Chinook and Coho salmon by IFQ subsector. Data comes from fish tickets, eTix, NORPAC and WCGOP in season salmon estimates. Currently electronic monitoring (EM) discards are not included in this report. Salmon are mandatory retention for EM vessels, so at-sea discards should be minimal. Threshold values are set for each sector (whiting and non-whiting). There are not individual thresholds for each subsector. The 'Total' catch to date and % of threshold shows the sector's catch and percentage. For subsectors there is no unique threshold, the threshold is what is for the whole sector. For subsectors the % of threshold represents that subsector contribution to the sectors threshold. The summed catch of all subsectors within a sector must be less than the sectors threshold. These are shown in the total row. The commercial subsectors must have 3 or more vessels and dealers with landings to be reported. If a point is confidential the total landings are converted to nulls and the 'CONF' flag is set to 1. The sector total rows have a 1 in the 'CONF' column if any subsectors are withheld from the total due to confidentiality.

Reports Region


YearSector *Subsector *Common NameThresholdTotal CatchConfidentialPerc Threshold
2022WhitingCPChinook [King] Salmon11,000990
2022WhitingMSChinook [King] Salmon11,000490
2022WhitingShoresideChinook [King] Salmon11,0006260
2022WhitingTotalChinook [King] Salmon11,0007740
2022Non-whitingIFQ Bottom TrawlChinook [King] Salmon5,5002570
2022Non-whitingIFQ Midwater ShoresideChinook [King] Salmon5,500670
2022Non-whitingIFQ Fixed GearChinook [King] Salmon5,500-0-
2022Non-whitingWA Rec **Chinook [King] Salmon5,500500-
2022Non-whitingOR Rec + Longleader **Chinook [King] Salmon5,500500-
2022Non-whitingCA Rec **Chinook [King] Salmon5,500500-
2022Non-whitingTotalChinook [King] Salmon5,5008240