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GMT012 - Draft Annual N. Sablefish Specifications

Preliminary preferred annual harvest specifications for northern sablefish.

Reports Region


YearStockAreaACLTribalResearchRecEFPSet Aside TotalNon Tri CommLE Share %LE ShareLE Trawl %LE Trawl ShareLE Fixed Gear %Pri Share %At-Sea WhitingShore-based IFQLE Fixed Gear SharePri ShareLE Fixed Gear DTL ShareObserved Discard RateObserved Discard Rate %Discard Mortality %OA Share %Assumed Discard Mortality LELE Fixed Gear Share LandPri Share LandLE Fixed Gear DTL TgtOA ShareAssumed Discard Mortality OAOA Land TgtTier 1 LbsTier 2 LbsTier 3 Lbs
2023SablefishN of 36848684930.761886760091688558399442851003893.52892245843419192091102782236541771427687729043313818936